WCA eCommerce Annual Conference Review

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Who’s Ready for Brexit? The second WCA eCommerce Annual Conference took place in London from 4thto 6thJune 2018. With CCL’s eCommerce focus, you won’t be surprised to learn [...]

Our 2018 BREXIT Update (Part 3)

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In Part 3 of our 2018 BREXIT update (check out Part 1 and Part 2) Rudee Bertie touches on the issues surrounding Mail Delivery Services and revenues that are [...]

Our 2018 BREXIT Update (Part 2)

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As the talks around Brexit enter a more detailed phase, Rudee Bertie turns a spotlight on a key issues for the logistics sector – frictionless border crossing. [...]

Food for Thought: Embrace the E-volution of technology in freight forwarding and supply chain

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The Digital Revolution is driving massive change in the way we do business in our industry. We may be bewildered by its impact, or unsettled by the [...]

Our 2018 BREXIT Update (Part 1)

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In January 2017 Rudee Bertie shared his preliminary thoughts on BREXIT .  A year later, how does he see the BREXIT landscape impacting CCL and its clients? [...]

BIFA Freight Service Awards 2018.

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Awards Season is upon us again, and the countdown has begun, to the Oscars, the SAGs, the Golden Globes and BAFTAS. Our own industry has its own [...]