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CC Collect – The leading digital payment system for DDU

As an exporter of goods into the EU or the UK, or from one territory to another, you are concerned that your customers get the best possible service, wherever they may be located in the world. Whether you are a e-retailer who sells thousands of items each month or the customs broker that clears the parcels through customs, there could be extra costs in the form of import duties and tax depending on the country of destination.

It’s a confusing landscape and there are exceptions. But in most cases, payments will be due. CC Collect helps you navigate the complexities of customs clearance, duty and tax payments and keep your goods on the move.


Option 1: The CC Collect360 solution

1. Co – branded website e.g.

2. Co-branded apps for IOS/Android

3. Parcel tracking

4. Personalized input pages

5. Workflow diagram

6. Reports & Analytics – Google & mobile

7. Cost – Annual license fee for the software, % of each transaction fee, setup costs

8. Training & maintenance are included in the license fee

9. Multi-language translation

10. API connection


Option 2: The CC Collect180 solution

1. Customer access to website

2. Customer access to cccollect apps for IOS / Android

3. Benefit from CC Collect marketing

4. CC Collect Workflow

5. Reports & Analytics

6. Cost – No cost to the broker

7. API connection

F.B. on Board Courier Services Inc.

We have used CC Collect in tandem with the MyCCL logistics IT system both provided by CCL. It has always been a pleasure to work with these guys, they are helpful and knowledgeable. We have had nothing but good service from CCL/CC Collect and would not hesitate to recommend them to any other logistics company. The implementation of CC Collect went extremely smoothly and without incident. The whole process has been seamless and the result has been a massive net improvement on our legacy process.

John Sproat – COO,

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