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What is CCL TV?

For over 20 years you’ve known CCL as a market leader, a trusted partner in global logistics, an eCommerce and gateway clearance expert.

As the world has been grounded for some time, CCL wanted to develop ways to stay in contact with our industry, partners and friends, so we branched out and started CCL TV.

In CCL TV, we aim to film interviews and discuss some of the many different aspects of the logistics industry and those behind the large and smaller brands.

Our new neutral platform will provide a dynamic and low key discussion forum and platform for industry experts and specialists to share know-how, experience, debate issues, topics of the day, whilst taking a superb opportunity to stimulate interest in the own brand story.

To date, we welcome and invite C-Level thought leaders to discuss their brand, challenges and growth areas with the audience.



Connecting with us

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