CCL have an easy solution to help organisations sending e-com shipments into the EU get EU VAT & IOSS registered, and an EU intermediary set up and ready to go since the IOSS scheme started on 1st July 2021.


What is the EU IOSS scheme:

IOSS identifier in VAT payments and customs clearance The Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) is a special system for payments of value added tax. The system facilitates your online purchases. When your purchase arrives from outside the EU, you can pay the required VAT to an IOSS-registered web store in connection with your purchase.


Key Facts:

  • Since the new rules were introduced six months ago, (April 2021), import VAT for B to C goods with a value between £0-135 will no longer exist, and were replaced with supply VAT and impacted around 1.2 million sellers
  • The Import One-Stop-Shop (IOSS) was introduced to provide a single EU VAT registration and VAT return for low value imports (under EUR 150) and 10,000+ businesses have registered for IOSS since the scheme started
  • This means that all overseas sellers must register and account for UK VAT and many goods have been stuck at customs – meaning the new rules impacted around 1.2 million sellers
  • Import VAT exemption for low-value goods was removed
  • Under an IOSS registration, local EU VAT charged at the point of sale, with the rate determined by the destination country of the goods
  • Goods travel through a green customs channel – with fast clearance and no further VAT levied upon import
  • 30 million B2C shipments of goods were managed under IOSS in the first two months


Why choose CCL’s end-to-end IOSS solution:

With over 20 years’ experience, CCL are expert in delivering solutions for every kind of e-commerce gateway clearance and importation requirement. With our extensive global network, we are your one-stop-shop for road, rail, sea, air and domestic handling.

CCL have teamed up with Kings VAT Ltd – a specialist VAT registration company that can take care of the entire process for you, including registration, compiling, and submitting VAT returns and dealing with correspondence from HMRC.


Benefits and where we can help you by partnering with CCL?

  • Partnering with CCL as an EU Intermediary we will guide you through with IOSS & EU VAT Registration for eCommerce shippers and marketplace

  • Get your business ready and compliant with CCL’s end-to-end IOSS solution

  • We offer decisive, efficient, and a resourceful team at CCL, and can help you achieve a smooth transition for your customers

  • Complaint and ready to sell to all 27 EU member states with just one VAT return

  • Smooth EU parcel delivery and clearance

  • Returns and Duty Draw back service

  • CCL’s global reach, and local expertise: we draw on our local expertise can help businesses established outside the EU wanting to use IOSS need to appoint an experienced intermediary like CCL

  • AEO status: with effect from 21st December 2020, CCL have been awarded Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status for Customs Simplification by HMRC

  • In summary, we have an experienced, Customs trusted and awarded team to assist and guide you through the process with clarity, by giving you the specific requirements to help get you totally prepared, keep your business moving, complaint and continue to help your business grow


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