We love communicating with our clients and business partners as we believe social media offers a door into CCL

So what’s the story behind the hashtag ?

Our business is going digital – and social

We’ve always made it our business to get together with our clients and business partners. Now social media offers a wealth of ways to connect, wherever you are in the world – every day.

Since the early days, CCL has made a point of networking, building connections across the world. That’s always meant heading out of the office to conferences and events across Europe, Asia, the Far East and the Americas. We love meeting current and potential clients and business partners like this and we’ll never stop jumping on planes to far-flung places. (Strangely, we love that ‘If it’s Monday, this must be Kuala Lumpur’  feeling.)

But… with the arrival of social media on our desktops, tablets and phones, we have seized the opportunity to connect… online.

When you’re online you need a hashtag; it’s part of your brand. We chose #morethanpackages because CCL today is about so much more than shipping packages.  With our bespoked end-to-end services, gateway solutions, supply chain integrations, warehousing, delivery, reverse logistics, consultancy and more, we have a big story to tell.  And it’s got even bigger with the development of our digital solutions for eCommerce.

Social media has become key to getting our big story out there and connecting, in a more immediate way.  Social media gets conversations going, with partners, suppliers, customers and prospects alike. It’s about what’s going on – right now!

You have a question – then ask it. Pick a channel: We’re on Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Whichever you prefer, you’ll find us building bridges, sharing ideas and opening conversations. You’ll be able to meet the team, see inside our organisation and find out what we’re thinking about today. It’s the perfect space to get to know us, share ideas and put your questions.

Don’t be shy, just remember the hashtag. We are CCL and we’re so much #morethanpackages.

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