CCL – Our response to the CoronaVirus

We are aware of the many concerns, both personal and commercial, regarding the spread of Coronavirus COVID-19 in the UK, across Europe and globally.  With whole communities in varying stages of lockdown, with air, sea and road freight all impacted and governments continually revising the measures they are enforcing at regional and country level, the situation is a complex and rapidly evolving one.

CCL continues to closely monitor and review developments, day by day. We are adapting our business processes where this is practical or prudent, our key objective being to minimise disruption and maintain services as far as this is within our control. We will continue to advise and update customers, partners and suppliers wherever necessary.

The wellbeing of our staff, partners, suppliers and customers is a top priority. In line with this, our focus as a company is to mitigate the impact of Coronavirus COVID-19 as far as we can, within our teams and our business premises.  We are adhering to the Government guidelines regarding hygiene, sanitisation and social distancing, including encouraging all staff to maintain vigilance in this regard both at home and work. Should the need arise, staff have been counselled to self-isolate for seven days without delay, in accordance with Government guidelines. We have also developed contingency planning which will enable whole teams to work from home in due course.

As and when circumstances change, we will continue to communicate promptly with all interested companies. We will work together to minimise the impact of any developments and maintain services as far as possible through these challenging times.