CCL was a silver sponsor at the Triangle World Mail & Express (WMX) Americas virtual conference a few days ago.  This is the third virtual event in which CCL has participated since the global pandemic limited travel and prohibited large industry gatherings. In addition to manning our virtual booth with his team, CCL’s Associate Business Development Director, Jason Li delivered a presentation on the impact of Brexit and the global pandemic on the cross-border logistics ecosystem.

Jason shares his thoughts on the event:

Sponsoring a WMX event gives a business valuable exposure, but only if you work it! Just like with the physical events we are all used to, CCL puts in the groundwork for a virtual conference, contacting people ahead of and during the live event. We were successful in connecting with several delegates and people visited our booth too. In the virtual environment, interactions do tend to be brief, and follow-up is essential. So if you were one of those we connected with, we will be catching up with you again in the coming days, to explore your needs and interests further.

One area in which a virtual event can have a bit of an edge over a physical one is in the presentations. The insight and expertise on offer are as worthwhile and beneficial in the virtual space as it is at physical events. But physical events are dynamic and often hectic, with much to do, and plenty to distract you. As a virtual delegate, you’re able to spend more time concentrating on the presentations that interest you online, without distraction.

I found the presentations to be hugely informative, with delegates offered important insight into what’s going on in our industry across the world. This year many presentations reflected on the past year and how we have responded to the global pandemic. Presenters all shared their experiences and highlighted trends and opportunities.

In regard to the cross-border ecosystem, we covered the disruption wrought by Brexit. We highlighted issues around data accuracy, efficiency and transparency during transactions, especially with customs and with clients. We discussed emerging technologies which are set to improve data accuracy, automate the clearance process and enable us to provide ever more commercially attractive logistics solutions.

Physically and virtually, WMX Americas is unique in its ability to bring together a wide range of industry leaders from North, Central and South America and the Caribbean. With our sights set on delivering our leading edge eCommerce logistics services to clients across the world, we were delighted to use this opportunity to connect with WMX Americas delegates online.

Maybe next year, we just might be in the same room together again.