Inbound Road Freight all Jammed Up since Brexit?

CCL Delivers Super-Fast Clearance with Pre-Lodgement


With Brexit done at last, you might be forgiven for thinking that the worst is over.  Not so fast. A trade deal may be in place, but with Brexit has come a mass of new checks, new documentation, new rules on VAT and more.

It has quickly become apparent that companies on both sides of the border are struggling to navigate these new rules. Lacking the experience, or the manpower, to complete the required paperwork correctly and on time, their goods are getting held up – sometimes quite severely – within the cross-border transit process.

Shipping agents and brokers have flexed as far as they are able, but cannot meet the dramatic increase in demand for their services. Many have stopped taking on new clients. Capacity has become the insurmountable issue. CCL, like other established customs brokers, is listed on the GOV.UK website and we are inundated every day with blanket emails sent to the whole list, by companies desperately seeking a broker with the capacity to help them.

And we can indeed help.

We are operating the new Pre-Lodgement import model for UK inbound road freight from the EU. It’s been designed to streamline the process through pre-entry and pre-clearance.

Under the standard system, where a T1 document is created, inbound trucks must stop at a customs location to close the transit procedure in the UK to complete clearance. With Pre-Lodgement from CCL, the freight, being pre-cleared, can proceed directly to its destination.

Here’s how the Pre-Lodgement model works:

  • The customer sends data to CCL in advance of their freight leaving its point of origin.
  • CCL compiles a pre-entry and pre-clears the freight.
  • The data entry is returned to the customer at point of origin and the driver then carries this on their journey into the UK.
  • At the terminal Customs will allow passage of goods, as they are pre-cleared.
  • Once in the UK there is no requirement for the truck to come to CCL and it can instead go directly to its destination, saving valuable time as well as mileage.
  • As a final step, the customer is required to notify CCL by email as soon as the truck arrives in the UK. CCL can then conclude the Pre-Lodgement process on the customer’s behalf with a supplementary declaration.

CCL is one of very few companies currently offering a Pre-Lodgement service, so don’t delay.  Whether you’re a retailer, a transport company, a freight forwarder, a logistics provider or parcel operator – we can help you. Contact us today to get the detail on pricing and standard operational procedures, and sign-up. As soon as you’re on-board, we can begin pre-lodging your inbound road freight.

Note: Pre-Lodgement with CCL can be applied to inbound road freight from the EU excluding food, plants, animals and alcohol (though it can be applied to wine with ABV below 30%, for the B2C market, or where the importer is a UK-established business).


20th Jan 21