Who’s ready to talk eCommerce Freight Forwarding?

CCL will be attending WCAWorld European Regional Conference in Dublin

The WCAworld eCommerce European Regional Conference will take place in Dublin from 7-10th June 2022. With Customs Clearance Ltd eCommerce focus, you won’t be surprised to learn we will be there in force; to meet with fellow industry players and logistics experts – we can’t wait.

CCL has always had it’s commercial eye and pulse on the future, particularly with Cross Border eCommecre and Technology and this years’ event in Dublin, will be no exception – CCL are ready to network and understand your business needs. 

So, what is on everyone’s mind this year #FutureofeCommerce #Returns #Increasedfreightcosts #Capacity #RisingOilPrices #Digitalforwarding

For CCL, we are always fact-finding, and to do this, we will be looking to apply the following set of questions whilst networking and engaging with over 700 global delegates:

  1. What do you know about Cross Border eCommerce?
  2. Where is Pain Point and the Challenges?
  3. What’s the current Opportunities?
  4. What do you know about IOSS and VAT regulations?
  5. How can we Add Value to your Business?
  6. How can we help build Your Logistics Network?

Whatever the challenge, questions or uncertainty you are facing, connect with CCL team in Dublin and we will share new concepts and leading-edge thinking in the world of cross-border supply chain logistics and Gateway Clearance logistics.

To secure your meeting with CCL team, pre-schedule your one-to-one meeting with our Business Development Manager Stephen Liu (Stephenliu@ccllhr.com) to discuss everything about Cross-border eCommerce, we are here to talk, to connect, to support.

CCL will also be sponsoring the invite only WCAworld European Regional Conference 2022 Panel Luncheon and WCA eCommerce, and CCL Media team with our special host Nadia Dunn (BBC Live Lounge) will be attending to speak and interview WCAworld delegates, sponsors and speakers throughout the whole conference.

CCL TV recently caught up again with Dan March, Chief Executive Officer of WCA World to give some insight to WCAworld and how they support their members and a sneak preview of what to expect at the WCAworld European Regional Conference in Dublin. Click here for full interview.

See you in Dublin!

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