Before this year, very few people outside the medical profession even knew what PPE was. Now it’s perhaps the most widely understood acronym of all. Personal Protective Equipment – in substantial and steady supply – is an essential component of the fight against Covid-19. But where does CCL fit into the picture?

Since outbreak of the Covid-19 global pandemic, CCL has been actively involved in both the import and export of vital PPE, destined for medical professionals, key industries and corporations, and individuals across the world.


Import and export?

Indeed, yes. In the early days of the outbreak, when Hubei Province in China was in desperate straits, CCL was helping businesses in the UK to both donate and export medical supplies to the epicentre of the virus, the city of Wuhan.

Less than two months later, the stringent lockdown was delivering positive outcome in Hubei Province. But the virus was by then spreading across Europe, the UK and further around the world. Movement of PPE was needed the opposite direction and the mission to supply rapidly became both colossal and urgent. Almost every country in the world has needed access to these vital items and the challenges facing governments and their health services have been well publicised.


Vital supplies for medical and healthcare professionals

CCL continues to be involved in the large-scale import and clearance of PPE and other much-needed medical equipment and supplies. These have been entering the UK and Europe, to service the NHS and companies supplying the NHS and other key healthcare services, such as care homes.

With the supply chain to hospitals, surgeries and care homes now more dependable, CCL’s remit has expanded. In addition to the supply chain servicing the NHS,  we are now working hard processing supplies of PPE destined for industry, businesses and private individuals alike.


B2C Imports: Small packages, large volume

We’ve seen a huge influx of online orders for face masks, gloves, hand sanitiser and more. At present we’re processing between 30,000-50,000 packages of these commodities every day. We are supporting Asendia UK in the import of DDU parcels for individuals in the UK and EU.  We collect the parcels at London Heathrow Airport, collect the import tax (before the recent tax relief policy was established), clear the parcels and hand them on to the final-mile delivery carriers.

Handling such huge volumes of parcels since March has been a challenge for CCL’s operation, with the warehousing and customer service teams operating at fullest capacity – but we have coped. With the Covid-19 situation expected to continue for some time, we are making forward plans to ensure that we can continue to handle high volumes.


B2B Imports: Helping businesses with complex documentation

CCL is supporting a number of registered companies in the UK, including Wahsmile Ltd, JetMasters,  Skincare Laboratories Ltd, t/a Green Acre Health & Beauty and Amertek Scientific, to collect from the airport at origin, handle import clearance and deliver medical supplies to hospitals and other facilities.

China has lately tightened up their export policy for medical supplies. As a result, CCL has been walking clients step-by-step through the sometimes complex export documentation, helping them to compile accurate submissions and select eligible suppliers.


Importing PPE donations

CCL has been supporting Royal Mail in the UK importing PPE from China as donations. This has involved consulting, compiling import clearance declarations correctly for donations and handling the clearance. Goods imported as donations qualify for Duty & VAT relief from HMRC, and we are able to assist Royal Mail in accessing this relief.

Since the pandemic began its march across the world, CCL has acquired extensive expertise in helping businesses, organisations and individuals alike to import and export PPE and other medical supplies. There is certain to be an ongoing demand for PPE in the general population as governments across Europe ease their lockdowns.  Many people will be expected to use face coverings in certain places or circumstances. Others will want the added sense of security afforded by protective measures like masks, gloves and sanitisers.


At CCL, we will continue to work with companies and individuals in the fight against Covid-19 and we welcome all enquiries on PPE importation.