In the second of our mini-series of ‘getting to know you’ interviews with the team at CCL, we’d like to introduce you to Business Development Manager Amelia Hoyos.


When did you join CCL?

I first joined the company in October 2017 and I worked at CCL’s headquarters by London Heathrow until January 2018. Then I returned to my home country, Colombia, where I remained for around 8 months. I continued to work remotely for CCL whilst in Colombia, and then in autumn of 2018, I was able to return to the UK and now I’m back working at CCL HQ again.


Tell us a little about your role and responsibilities

My initial responsibilities involved supporting Customer Services and CC Collect. I was mostly on the phone, answering customer calls and taking DDU payments from customers. When I went home to Colombia I began supporting the Business Development team. I worked across all territories but was particularly involved in helping to grow CCL’s profile in Latin America.

My focus now is on all aspects of business development, and especially on the continuing development of the market across Latin America. I also assist with general import/export enquiries.

We receive enquiries all the time, by phone and email, as a result of our networking activities, network memberships, and the global events and conferences we attend. We contact each customer with a service proposition based around their business profile, their location, or the event through which they connected with us.

Amelia introduces CC Collect to Latin America in 2019 


Do you attend networking events with CCL yourself?

Yes, I do. Earlier this year I was with the CCL team at the Americas Alliance conference in Bangkok. I’ve been to Bangkok before, on a vacation trip, but this was my first experience of a global business networking event. Americas Alliance is a key network for Latin America, but people came to this event from countries right across Europe and Asia too, as well as South America. We connected with several freight and cargo businesses from Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Colombia.


It sounds like you like to travel?

I do indeed! I have always had a very international perspective and am lucky in that I’ve already had the chance to study in both Korea and Germany, as well as in the UK.

Whilst doing my Bachelors degree in International Business Management in Colombia, I went on an exchange programme to South Korea. That enabled me to acquire a basic knowledge of the Korean language.

I learned German for two years whilst in Columbia, and then I relocated to Germany to continue my studies and get to know the different cultures of Germany and other countries around Europe. I lived for a while in the beautiful Black Forest region of Southern Germany, close to the border with Switzerland.


Tell us about your work experience before CCL

Whilst studying for my degree, I did my main work Internship with Davivienda, a Colombian commercial bank. I also worked as Foreign Trade Coordinator in Colombia for an American company, DMI, who manufacture equipment for oil pipeline fabrication. And I was also employed at AIESEC, which is an NGO focused on connecting students to international internships.

In all these positions I very much enjoyed making connections with people from across the world.


How did you come to work at CCL?

I was studying in Germany at the time, but very keen to get some exposure to the UK. I started sending emails and my CV to a whole range of companies, offering my services as an Intern. I sent hundreds of emails! CCL responded, but at first they didn’t have any vacancy.  Then in July 2017 they wrote to me again, inviting me to interview for an Internship in Customer Services. I took up their offer, moving to from Germany to London to join the company.


What do you particularly enjoy about working at CCL

CCL plays to all my strengths and interests. In being able to focus on international business, I’m doing the thing I enjoy most. The work is relevant to both my past studies and my future career goals. CCL is a great place for both personal and professional opportunity.  I’m being trained; I’m able to develop my skills, but I’m also encouraged to bring my own ideas to the table.


And are you enjoying living in the UK?

I certainly am! I recently got married and life in the UK is good. I met my husband, who is British, five years ago in Colombia. We went back to Colombia in April to get married and now we are building our life together in the UK.


And what about ambitions and goals – do you have a five-year-plan?

I believe it’s important to keep on studying and learning all the time. My plan is to embark on my Masters Degree in due course. I’m not sure yet what topic I will pick, but it will definitely relate to logistics and commercial international law. I would also like to take classes to improve my basic Korean.

As for work, I want to reach lots of new customers in Latin America and help to make CCL a well-recognised brand.  I believe that CCL can be a leader in eCommerce in South America, where many companies have only a limited understanding of eCommerce. Administration is still strongly paper-based, with manual customs entries, physical checks and always a paper trail. I’m looking forward to implementing CCL’s digital/on-line systems with companies in South America, both for traditional freight forwarding, but especially for eCommerce.


Lastly, a quirky question: Do you have a favourite motto or saying?

I believe that travelling with people in life makes you richer, both personally and professionally. I believe that wealth is about far more than material things; wealth comes from reaching new people and making connections wherever you travel.