Will Ning has joined CCL’s Business Development Team as Assistant Manager. Will brings with him the expertise in cross-culture business communications and account management. We checked in with Will to find out how he’s getting on.

Tell us about your role and responsibilities

My main role is to support the business development team in building and maintaining the bridge of communication between oversea clients and CCL’s internal teams, advising and assisting the Clients on the set-up of business operations, and overseeing the implementation of projects based on service contracts.

Collecting client feedback and suggesting measures for improving business processes and operations is also an important part of my job. With my previous experience in business development and account management, I aim to add value to the team by helping clients achieve their goals and to improve customer satisfaction and ultimately build up strong client relationships.

Tell us a little about your background in business

My academic background is in business and management, and I worked in a position based in China before I came to the UK, and I worked in recruitment industry in the UK for the last 3 years before joining CCL. Although it’s a totally different industry where I came from, the transferable skills in business development and project management I developed during working with clients and candidates from a variety of global backgrounds during my previous jobs, have endowed me with the ability to quickly adapt to this brand-new yet much more fast-paced business environment of global logistics.

I’m now focused on working with a variety of international clients on road freight and air freight solutions, while also supporting the team in sea freight operations.

What do you think your USPs are, when working with CCL’s Chinese clientele?

My previous work experience in China & working with Chinese clientele & communities, as well as my bilingual skills has given the advantage in conducting cross-cultural business communications, and the acumen in analysing a client’s requirement and managing their expectations.

The Chinese economy is one of the world’s most fasting growing economies, having the mindset of being Pragmatic, responsive and problem solving is the key to work with Chinese clients.

CCL is well-known for valuing customer relationships and its high standard of service. As result, it is essential for me to work in the ways which trust and accountability can be properly established between CCL and the clients.

What’s it been like to start a new job in the middle of a global pandemic?

Unlike any roles or industries I had worked in, everything in logistics is “real” and you can see them happening with own eyes. Countless shipments come and go every day, but knowing there’re ones out there happened because of my efforts, I find it very exciting and rewarding.

I also enjoy how the fast-paced work environment is motivating me to think, react and solve problem quicker, and to be more organised time management wise, in order to achieve the balance between efficiency and work quality.

The team is so supportive and encouraging, and working alongside them to meet the demands of this rapid-turnaround environment has been a great experience.

What’s it been like to start a new job in the middle of a global pandemic?

A career change into global logistics is demanding enough, it makes it even more challenging during the pandemic, when the team members are working remotely and trainings & meetings can only be organised remotely via MS Teams or Zoom.

Without the face-to-face work environment when you can ask a questions anytime and get an answer straightaway, I learned how to structure the schedules and organise my everyday tasks to get the most of every session.

Furthermore, the timing when I joined CCL was right after the end of the Brexit transition period when many new rules and practices are being in place, it has been very interesting and unique experience to take on new responsibilities in a time that’s with so many fast changing elements. And the senior colleagues have been greatly helpful and supportive to me. It has been very enjoyable working alongside them.

Lastly, beyond business, what do you love to do?

Well, try to stay active when I have the time, I play badminton regularly and go hiking when the weather is nice.

Also love to spend time on checking out the latest tech & geeky stuff and trends, helps me freshen up the ideas and to keep up with the world’s innovative & creative ideas.