Ziyang Jin has recently joined CCL’s Business Development Team as Assistant Manager. Ziyang brings with her the expertise in cross-culture business communications and account management. We checked in with Ziyang to find out how she’s getting on.

Tell us about your role and responsibilities

Being a newcomer to the industry, my major focus lies in getting familiar with the industry. My main role is in close liaison with the clients and the CCL’s internal teams, facilitating the communications between both sides, and providing assistance for the clients in operations.

With the guidance of my experienced colleagues, I can provide more professional advice to the clients and help them to solve the issues in an efficient and cost-effective way. My responsibilities also include maintaining good relation with the clients, developing new clients and improving business processes and operations.

Tell us a little about your background in business

Before joining CCL, I worked as an overseas business assistant in Shanghai. I used to have a lot of contacts with the airlines based in Europe and this is the main reason that I choose to move to London and pursue a career here.

In my previous job, I handled with business concerning airline tickets, developed advertising and marketing strategies and kept daily communications with the business development department from airlines. From that experience, I gained the knowledge in air freight business and learned how to be professional in such a mature business environment. The communication skills I gained from the previous role also help me a lot in doing the current job within CCL.

I always enjoy to be exposed to a cross-cultural and dynamic working environment, which enables me to absorb new knowledge all the time.

What do you think your USPs are, when working with CCL’s Chinese clientele?

My academic background is Chinese-English interpreting and translation and it allows me to have a good communication with the clients based in China. Being a Chinese myself, I can understand that the pressure on our Chinese clients because of the fierce competition. Therefore, I can provide them my suggestions targeting on their pain points.

Besides, my work experience in China helps me to put myself in the clients’ shoes. Being one of the biggest manufacturers in the world arena, China has great potentials and wants to become an essential part of the world economy. Among all the industries, the logistics play a very crucial role in facilitating the global needs and demands. I would love to make an effort and get involved in this vital business.

In CCL, we value the needs from the clients and dedicate in providing excellent service for the clients based in China. I believe the Chinese clients can see our professionalism from the outstanding team work presented by the members in CCL based in China and UK.

What do you particularly enjoy about working at CCL?

 The working environment is definitely one of the best. From the first day I joined the CCL, I was welcomed by my kind colleagues. Everyone generously show their kindness and assistance to me even though they are really busy with their work loads. The guidance I gained from my experienced colleagues is the most important thing, especially for a newcomer like me. My colleagues from other departments are all really cooperative because we all have the same goal, which is to provide the best service for the clients all over the world.

I believe this kind of team spirit cannot be separated from the teambuilding events we held in CCL. During the pandemic, it is so hard to meet every colleagues but all the events presented us great opportunities to meet each other. Besides, we also keep very close communications through online meetings. I would say that

What’s it been like to start a new job in the middle of a global pandemic?

I am really lucky to start a new job during this pandemic. Most of the industries suffer from the impact of the pandemic but the logistic remains tenacious. The importance of the logistic is testified by the pandemic and I am really glad to be part of it.

The work-from-home policy also gives me a completely new experience. All the trainings and meetings are online now. At the first beginning, it was a bit hard to concentrate on the meetings because I knew so little about the industry and got lost easily. But with time goes on, I can keep up with my colleagues now. I really enjoy this way of working because it can keep my colleagues and myself safe but at the same time, we can ensure our service to the clients too.

Lastly, beyond business, what do you love to do?

Meeting new friends definitely! I also enjoy working out and doing various sports. Basically, I am an outdoor person. I also enjoy staying at home in rainy days and reading a good book or watching a movie. Exploring different places is one of my hobbies too. I love cooking but unfortunately I am a bad cook…but I will keep trying.