The more people who buy online, the more there are who want to send things back. Sometimes this will be because of supplier error – a faulty or damaged product perhaps.  More often, it will be because a customer has changed their mind. Or increasingly these days, buyers purchase a range of options, colours or sizes, then decide which they want to keep, returning the rest.  All this means that eRetailers have to be able to receive goods back into stock and handle refunds efficiently. Failure is not an option, as poorly handled returns can swiftly lead to dissatisfied customers.

Returns has long been a problematic area for eCommerce.  It’s not easy to process returns, especially across international borders, where there are tax refunds to deal with in addition to the logistics of receiving items back into stock and refunding the customer.

Here’s where CCL comes in.

The latest in our suite of technology solutions for eCommerce is our new returns handling app. Called eTurns, this app will offer our shipping and eRetailing clients – and their customers, the consumers – an end-to-end returns service simplifying handling, tax claims and refunds. eTurns is great news, not just for the eRetailers, but for shippers too.  It enables registered UK-based shippers to be reimbursed the tax paid on import (Drawback) when the returning goods are exported back to their point of origin.

eTurns can be used by consumers when they want to return items they have purchased. The eTurns app will generate a unique QR code which will enable the consignee to return the goods to the CCL warehouse, where we will consolidate the packages and return them to their point of origin. At the same time, we will be able to claim the refund of any tax paid at the point of import.

With eTurns our shipping clients have a solution for their eRetailers. eTurns will help to keep the eRetailer’s customers happy and loyal, by making it easy for them to return unwanted items and receive their refunds promptly. But that’s not all. eTurns also helps the eRetailer manage their stock levels, as once the consumer confirms their return, the data is provided to the eRetailer and the product can be returned promptly to stock counts.

eTurns makes a vital contribution to customer satisfaction and retention – both for the eRetailer and the shipper – and provides a value-added service for shippers to offer to their own eRetailing clients. Contact us now to learn more.