Check out our new audio and video podcast channel committed to inspiring success and enterprise across global logistics and eCommerce.

If you’ve been in touch with us for a while, you’ll be familiar with CCL’s passion for networking. We love getting face-to-face with our colleagues, partners, clients and friends across the globe. It’s fair to say though, the last 12 months have cramped our style somewhat.  Like most people, we’ve been… grounded.

We’ve stayed connected as best we could, participating in the virtual events that have taken the place of our usual gatherings and focusing our attentions on engagement through social media and our newsletter.  But we’ve been looking at doing more for a while, and our ‘more’ is at last beginning to take shape.

Welcome to the launch of CCL TV.

We began a few months ago, testing the water with audio podcasts. We were keen to promote the initiatives of the big event companies who were going virtual in 2020. We learned a great deal in those early months and this fed our enthusiasm to go visual with our next phase.

We are part of an exceptional community of potential and committed contributors, keen to debate issues of the day whilst taking a superb opportunity to stimulate interest in their own organisations. We will regularly be bringing together members of this global community, to deliver great content with high production values. CCL TV will provide a dynamic forum for those logistics experts and specialists from across the industry to share their know-how and experience.

When it comes to getting a message out over social media, video is king, and as we launch our videos, we’ll be busy promoting them across social media. But we’re well aware that some people like to watch whilst others like to listen. So we’ll be producing audio podcasts alongside our videos.  That means that if you’re someone who likes to catch up with podcasts on your morning run or as you drive to work, you’ll still be able to tune in to CCL. But if you want to see what we all look like, or you take in information more easily when you can watch people’s faces, then the video option is for you.

You can find our audio podcasts to date on all major platforms, including Spotify and iTunes.  They are also available on our dedicated media page on the CCL website. Our videos will be on our YouTube channel, CCL TV, and on our website as well as being accessible across all the familiar social media channels.

So visit our website to learn more, listen and download, and whilst you’re there, check out the teaser video on CCL TV.