There’s little debate, at CCL we have had to look differently at how we work in recent months. Unable to meet face-to-face with clients and associates across the world, we have taken to video meetings. With no industry network gatherings, we have found our way to virtual exhibitions and boosted our presence on social media, connecting one-to-one and one-to-many, wherever we could.

At every step we have embraced technology to help us to maintain and develop the links which are so valuable to ours and indeed every business… And with our first foray into podcasting, we’re simply continuing that trend.

We’re developing a series of podcasts (secret… the first one is in the can) to create opportunities for logistics industry leaders and our affiliated networks to showcase their activities and highlight the value they bring to the industry.

We’ve settled on a Round Table format. Each podcast will run to between 45-60 minutes and will include a couple of the CCL team alongside key industry and network leaders, and, where we can organise it, one or two of their clients and members.

We will be highlighting the many different ways in which the nurturing of partner and associate connections across the world brings value to all our businesses. For the network organisations it will be a chance to present what they do and who they serve, as well as highlighting the kinds of benefits that members – like ourselves – gain from active participation.

We have our first few podcasts lined up, but we’re looking for people to participate in future episodes – we’re aiming for 8 in the first series. So this is a call-out, not only for network leaders, but other industry movers-and-shakers. Would you be interested in joining a CCL Round Table podcast and showcasing your business or network through CCL’s social channels? We make it easy – so don’t worry. Just as you would expect from CCL, this will be a positive, collaborative and supportive series of podcasts.

We’ll be releasing episodes from September onwards, boosted on social media channels. So watch out for the promos, and enjoy what promises to be an engaging series.

And if you are minded to grasp this unique opportunity and put yourself forward to join an episode, contact us at and we’ll tell you more.