Our good friend and freight industry champion, Fred Schlottmann, has been busy over the last few months, with BrightFuture Foundation’s new base in Cuba, as well as their established school in the Philippines. He sent us an update, which we’re delighted to share.

CUBA, Escuela Anita, in Coralillo:

Three classes continue daily, offering beginner, intermediate and advanced English courses. If I can solve the issue of additional classroom space during my visit there early 2017, we will attempt to find one more teacher, to meet demand which continues unabated.

PHILIPPINES, MFBP in Bislig, Mindanao:

The recent bombing in Davao, which is the city I travel through to get to Bislig, killed and injured dozens of people and was claimed by Abu Sayef, who earlier this year swore allegiance to ISIS. This caused me to consider abandoning my upcoming visit there. However…

We’ve been offered free extension services by the University of the Southern Philippines Education department, who recently sent a delegation to our school. I have an appointment in Davao with Dr Cabanlit and her staff to finalize an agreement covering continuing education courses for our teachers and assistance with our curriculum; it’s an opportunity I cannot pass up.

In addition, I shall be attending our annual induction ceremony, and reviewing the changes we are currently making to our building to comply with new and stricter fire codes, including the construction of additional exits and the building of another staircase.

Besides, for personal reasons I was unable to make my regular March visit this year, so it is high time for me to be there again.

None of the important work being done by BrightFuture Foundation in the Philippines and in Cuba would be possible without the support the charity receives from friends within the freight industry. CCL continues to be proud to support Fred and BrightFuture’s activities. If you want to find out more, and particularly if you feel moved to donate to support the charity’s aims and objectives, check out their website here: http://www.brightfuture.org.