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CCL are the eCommerce logistics experts

CCL is a market-leading gateway logistics service provider and eCommerce logistics specialist. We handle all aspects of importation and exportation, gateway customs clearance and compliance, warehousing, break bulk and onward delivery, with a specific focus and tailored services for global eCommerce retailers and delivery businesses. In CCL, eCommerce retailers and delivery providers have a one-stop-shop, giving access to an experienced and knowledgeable team, an integrated suite of services, and connections across the globe, all designed to simplify and expedite your eCommerce shipments into and out of the UK and Eurozone and beyond.

From eConcept, to eLogistics – for eCommerce, CCL has the eSolution.



CCL handles all aspects of customs clearance, warehousing and onward delivery, for businesses importing into and out of the UK and Eurozone. A gateway facility for shipment throughout the EC, CCL can advise on import and export strategies, handle paperwork and payments for individual and consolidated shipments, clear goods through customs, and collect and deliver them to their destination.

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For CCL, importation doesn’t stop with customs clearance. You may have your own distributor, but if you don’t, we can handle distribution of consignments throughout the UK and mainland Europe for you. Following wholesale clearance, we break bulk and, using our own established network of associates, we deliver your parcels and packets direct to the door, taking care of that vital ‘final mile’..

Our status as a neutral wholesale service provider means that we can negotiate very advantageous deals on behalf of our clients. You benefit from a seamless service and the best prices – reduced handling times and reduced unit costs..

More than that, CCL’s custom-designed software integrates with your systems and delivers reports in the way you need to see them, so you retain control and visibility whilst handing-off the specialist clearance and distribution process to us – saving your time and effort.

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Sometimes goods cannot be delivered; they may be rejected or refused by the customer for a variety of reasons. When this happens, it’s important that you are able to recover as much value as possible from these failed transactions, whilst maintaining customer satisfaction standards.

For this eventuality, CCL offers a flexible and cost effective return/reverse logistics service. We can hold goods in our warehouse pending return or disposal; we can reclaim import taxes for you;  and we can arrange for return to origin or other options, including customs destruction, disposal, donation to a UK charity or fufilment for resale. At all times, our sophisticated tracking and reporting system keeps you informed of status.

Importantly, we handle this process cost-effectively and efficiently, and in turn you are seen to be providing a high standard of service to your customers.

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With experienced industry professionals, CCL is available for consultancy assignments, to analyse and advise on your importation processes. A typical consultancy assignment involves the following:

Investigation: Listen and gather data on the current process – import, export, pick-up, delivery, storage and customs clearance. Identify where weaknesses exist.

Evaluation: Review current service provision and processes and assess their effectiveness, value-for-money, suitability etc.

Recommendations: Make recommendations, without prejudice, on processes improvements, perhaps suggesting alternative service providers, providing cost/price comparisons, or tailoring a solution specific to requirements. Their balanced presentation of the recommendations will help clarify your options and make better informed decisions.

If you need to show a strong hand in your import/export commercial dealings, our experts can assist at business meetings, trade shows and events. They can also liaise directly with prospective customers or suppliers and handle any queries concerning our own importation procedures.

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Bespoke retail solutions.

CCL can provide retailers with a robust global logistics network for the secure end to end delivery of anything form fashion to cars.

Your complete eCommerce partner.

As the cross-border experts, our highly trained and experienced consultants can recommend the optimum global routes for your sold items.


Technology services for eCommerce and logistics enterprises, CCL is driving the much-needed development of Digital Marketing and Enterprise Software Solutions for our industry.

Bespoke consultancy to propel your business to the next level


We listen and gather data on the full picture – import, export, pick-up, delivery, storage and customs clearance. A full logistics ‘SWOT’.


We review current service provision and processes, assessing effectiveness, value-for-money, suitability etc.


We make recommendations, without prejudice, on how best to improve
the processes.