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Customs Clearance Ltd was set up in 1999 to handle gateway customs clearance and delivery for businesses including global mailing, couriers, distribution businesses and freight forwarders – in fact anyone moving shipments by air, sea or road.

CCL is an independent and neutral 3PL (Third Party Logistic) service provider and customs clearance specialist. Our freight forwarding clients can access CCL’s specialist service without fear of competition. We think creatively, using our experience to tailor services to meet specific needs. We handle high volumes, enabling us to provide a cost-effective service, giving our clients a competitive edge.

Based at Hatton Cross, next to London Heathrow Airport, our dedicated team members have over 50 years’ freight forwarding, courier and customs experience between them. Our aim is to deliver reliable, accurate, consistent and professional services to our clients.

Your experts in customs clearance, compliance and ecommerce logistics

Professional and friendly service

Our staff are friendly and knowledgeable and are always on hand and willing to guide you through the best way to get your goods from A to B, even if that be via Z.


14,000 sq ft warehouse

Purpose built warehouse space with large entry and 24 hour operation.

Purpose built office space

Fit for purpose, modern, stylish in a secure industrial estate.

Adjacent to London Heathrow

For fast turnaround from touchdown to final mile delivery.


Rudee Bertie
Rudee BertieCEO
Rudee Bertie CEO and founder of CCL has worked in freight forwarding, air cargo and customs brokerage for over 30 years. In that time, he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the complex business of customs clearance, compliance and global import/export.Rudee is a familiar face at industry events across the globe, a regular conference speaker and a recognised expert in cross-border trading for both eCommerce and general freight.
Stuart Campey
Stuart CampeyCOO
Stuart Has worked in the Logistics industry for over 25 years and has a wealth of knowledge in global Imports and Exports. Stuart has been with CCL for over 5 years and during that time has helped to shape the company to be the Market Leading Gateway Logistics Provider that it is today. As General Manager Stuart is responsible for the Day to Day running of CCL, without Stu, Nothing Moves !
Mark Grundy
Mark GrundyGroup IT Director
Mark has been with CCL for 8 years and as Head IT, he is responsible for the day-to-day servicing of all the technology used in the smooth running of the group of companies. There are several systems that have to be integrated and are mission critical to the operations of CCL. To ensure efficiency and reliability all systems must work seamlessly together. Mark has become expert in the logistics software implementation and maintenance and is now the go to person for the whole group.
Neo Kong
Neo Kong Global Business Development Director
Neo Kong is CCL’s Global Business Development Director, leading teams in the UK and Shanghai, China. His role involves building relationships with traders across the Far East and managing large-scale logistics projects for CCL’s global blue chip clients. He also regularly trains Chinese Customs officials on the impact of eCommerce logistics on traditional freight forwarding. Neo holds the status of Chartered Practitioner with the Chartered Institute of Public Relations.
Jason Li
Jason LiAssociate Business Developer Director
Jason is responsible for establishing business with customers across the globe, with a particular focus on Europe and Asia. He develops bespoke e-commerce logistics solutions for customers who import into the EU via the UK, and those who export from the UK. If you have a question about cross-border e-commerce shipping, customs regulations or rates, Jason is likely to be your first point of contact at CCL.
Snow Bai
Snow BaiBusiness Development Manager
Snow is responsible for maintaining and developing relationships with customers across the globe, and helping them to grow their general and eCommerce businesses on their selected routes. Her role also involves developing bespoke eCommerce logistics solutions for customers seeking to move their goods into the EU via the UK, and those who export from the UK.
Amelia Susana Hoyos Hoyos
Amelia Susana Hoyos HoyosBusiness Development Assistant Manager
Professional in International business management, focused on foreign trade and the e-commerce industry. Amelia Hoyos has a huge desire to explore the world and create a big network with the objective to reach new customers and look after them. She’s fluent in Spanish, English and German.
Amy Zhu
Amy ZhuBusiness Development Assistant Manager
Amy’s main job is to support the Business Development team by clearly specifying the fundamentals of each project, including processes, objectives and finances. Amy works mainly with CCL’s Chinese clients.
Alicia Chen (MBA)
Alicia Chen (MBA)Associate Business Dev Director
With her solid knowledge of logistics and supply chain gained through her MBA major in Supply Chain Management in the USA, together with years of experience in the field, Alicia takes the lead in consultancy/business development in CCL’s business. Based in Shanghai, China, there is no time difference to overcome when responding to clients based in the Asia Pacific area.
Qi Zhou (Msc)
Qi Zhou (Msc)Business Development Manager
Key responsibilities include assisting in the full range of daily business tasks, including shipment follow-up and communications both with clients and within the CCL organisation.
Nicola Harness
Nicola HarnessBusiness Development support
Tatiana Chepak, FCCA
Tatiana Chepak, FCCAFinancial Controller
Tatiana is responsible for the financial management reporting and control for CCL.

Tatiana’s favourite English proverb is “A cat in gloves catches no mice”

She loves her work, fitness, paintings. Tatiana also enjoys travel and Russian literature and is dreaming of someday finding the same level tennis partner.

Tanya Volynets
Tanya Volynets Finance Manager
Tanya is managing daily financial tasks. Her role is to ensure that all financial data is recorded accurately. Tanya has a very solid relationship not only with CCL customers but also with all our suppliers.

Every time she is asked where is she from, her reply is “I am Russian with a sprinkle of Nordic sophistication with a distorted British accent”.

Antreas Papadopoulos
Antreas PapadopoulosJunior system’s engineer
System’s engineer is the name, arguing with Mark about tea is the game! Antreas being the junior member of the IT department is here to both bring new modern approaches to our IT solutions both in design and logic and pick the brain of Alex ,Clinton and of course Mark. His favorite activity is arguing with Alex about why his approach to a solution is better, refusing to make Mark tea and complaining about the weather!
Clinton Gomes
Clinton GomesSenior System Engineer
Responsible for project planning and working with the IT solutions team in the development process. Believes in keeping things simple and make it easy for everyone.
Apart from work he is a big fan of Football or as the Americans would call it soccer.
Sheragime Keshavarzian
Sheragime KeshavarzianHead of Strategic Projects
Started with CCL in November 19, responsible for strategic sales planning and work closely with the Business Development, Digital and IT solutions team.
Also known as Peter Pan, never take life too seriously, (obviously as a lifelong Arsenal supporter) live life with no limits, never take no as an answer, enjoy independent movies and have a simple motto, smile and the world smiles back with you.

We are global, and help clients across the world

Digital technology is central to all that we do at CCL.

Digital is the future and CCL will always be at the forefront of new technology in the global logistics sector.

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