Introducing CCL eTurns

What is eTurns?

At CCL we’ve developed a digital solution for a smart and effective package returns system, making returns stress-free, quick and effective. Manage international eCommerce returns cleanly and simply, for entire consignments, or just a few items, at the tap of an app. The app is customisable, streamlined and easy-to-use and helps you create a fully-branded returns experience that allows shoppers to log their return in four simple steps. 

Why do we need eTurns?

The returns market is growing fast.

eTurns offers hassle-free data-specific returns with accuracy and speed, partnering with Clicksit Returns and Collect Plus, automating your returns processing through a single hub and helping you go green – paperless returns are more sustainable. Automation also reduces customer inquiries, saving your teams valuable time. Fast and accurate returns are at your fingertips with eTurns.

CCL has become a driving force behind the development of data-driven digital solutions for the logistics industry. Using our expertise in e-commerce and cross border logistics, our tech team developed a unique and trusted complete returns processing solution – eTurns.